Virtual Minds. Congress of Fictitious Figures

Bremen (thealit) 12/2004, 250 pages
ISBN: 978-3-930924-05-9

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Virtual Minds. Congress of Fictitious Figures: Agents, spies, zombies, con-men, fakes, legal entities, novel and dream characters, avatars and bots are crossing borders in a virtual as well as in a real setting. They allow themselves to be understood as those staged, imagined, dreamt of substituted or programmed. The book presents and reflects these strange entities from many points of view and in different procedures from media theory, art, informatics, psychoanalysis.

Herausgeberin(nen): Helene von Oldenburg, Andrea Sick

Autorin(nen): Sigrid Adorf, Avatar Body Collision, Kerstin Brandes, Tobey Crockett, Gertrudis Hengesbach, Lynn Hershman, IDRunners, Birgit Kiupel, Claudia Medeiros Cardoso, Gesa Mietzner, Millefiore Effect, Britta Neitzel, Helene von Oldenburg, Melinda Rackham, Claudia Reiche, Stephanie Rothenberg, Janine Sack, Veronika Schumacher, Silke Thoss, Kerstin Weiberg, Anja Westerfrölke, Xxero

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